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Weight Loss Goal Calculator – Track Your Calories!

Weight Loss Goal Calculator – Track Your Calories!

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Today’s blog post is another submission by prolific fitness writer and enthusiast Muhammad Ahmed. The topic: using a weight loss goal calculator to track your fitness progress. Also, please enjoy some lovely pictures from my recent travels to San Fransisco Bay Area & Toronto, Ontario. I had a wonderful time exploring, indulging in food, appreciating gorgeous sceneries and enjoying the company of loved ones.

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best friend- Nunu

best friend- Nunu

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, Ontario

From left: Julie, myself & cousin Shiro G

From left: Julie, myself & cousin Shiro G

From left: Mugwe, myself and Nunu

From left: Mugwe, myself and Nunu


Are you trying to eliminate the extra pounds? Are you looking for some assistance in the area of tracking your weight loss? You can gain assistance in achieving your weight reduction goals with the aid of a weight loss calculator.

What Is Weight Loss Calculator?

A weight loss calculator is a tool through which you can calculate your daily calorie goal given your weight loss targets. Get a reliable weight calculator through legitimate sources such as calculator-online.net or popular app MyFitnessPal, and get information about your optimal daily maintenance of calories. The tool is very straightforward to use; all you need to input are your current body weight, age, height, gender, daily activity level, and your goal weight. From there, it will estimate how many calories you need to consume daily to stay on track with your fitness goals. MyFitnessPal can also be used as a food diary— estimating your calorie consumption daily using their reservoir of foods, meals and snacks. All you have to do is input each item consumed daily and it’ll sum up your total caloric consumption per day automatically. It’s quick, simple and very convenient to use on the go!

Reaching Your Desire Goal of Weight:

Here are some helpful suggestions of reaching your desired goal weight:

  • Eat a minimum of 1200 calories daily. Going below this for sustained periods of time could be deemed unhealthy and is not recommended by doctors or fitness professionals.

  • If you’re a beginner, eat up 1300 (100 extra) calories per day and start with brief evening walk regularly.

  • Once you’re on track with this, eat in 1400 (200 extra) calories daily. You can move on to include high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises such as Insanity or bootcamp classes twice per week and three 30 minute walks throughout the week.

  • If you bump up to eating 1500 (300 additional) calories daily, embrace 45 minutes of moderate to vigorous workouts 3-4 times per week.

You can track your daily calorie intake with the assistance of weight loss goal calculator.

How to Start:

When you are at the beginning of a weight reduction program, you have to:

  1. Set Practical Goals

  2. Set daily calorie goals that are sustainable and healthy for your age, gender & weight

  3. Eat clean and opt for whole foods versus processed alternatives

  4. Find fun & sustainable exercise programs

  5. Beware & avoid sugar (read labels to find hidden sugars in packaged foods)

  6. Get enough sleep

  7. Drink Plenty of Water

Final Words:

  • Add simple exercise (such as walking) to your daily routine

  • Try and have small meals at regular intervals

  • Consume fewer carbs and more protein

  • Drink plenty of water, as hydration aids with weight loss

Well, I hope that this inspires you to use a weight calculator as a tool to aid you with attaining your weight loss goals. Good Luck!

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