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Slimpossible III  (cousin's edition)

Slimpossible III (cousin's edition)

Let the games begin!!

Hello my loves,

It’s been a long-standing family tradition of the Mirie clan to have an annual fitness & weight-loss competition infamously coined Slimpossible. Amongst my cousins, the game incentivizes us to get fit and lose excessive weight for a chance to win a hefty cash prize. Each participant’s starting weight is taken and a monetary investment is made towards the competition ($100-$200). Six months later, the person with the highest percentage of weight loss wins. Now, I come from a large family so you can imagine just how high those stakes are.


The first year Slimpossible I - winner takes all, Geci took the crown, crossing the finish-line on a week-long cabbage soup diet. A faint and staggering Geci collected her coins and proceeded to indulge in a calorific meal. Never have I ever seen a more determined Slimpossible contestant, such ambition. Slimpossible II- It’s A group Thing was the highest attended competition, with 20 cousin (and friends) participating. Contestants were divided into 5 groups of four, and the winning team would scoop the entire cash prize. My team (Wahu, Wangeci, Grace and I) won the challenge. We motivated each other via WhatsApp - that money was ours, we vowed from day 1!! Instead of splitting the cash equally, we divide the prize on merit — the highest weight-losers would take the biggest chunk. There would be no free-riders we vowed. A competition within a competition!


This year, we jump-started Slimpossible III Two Winners Rewarded — with a smaller cousins cohort, but a higher per capita contribution. We kicked-off end of January, which suited me quite perfectly — might as well put that holiday weight gain to great use.

Starting weight - 68kg/150lb.

Let the games begin!!!

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