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Review: Utama Spice

Review: Utama Spice


Dear all,

Happy New Year to you. It’s about that time of the year again – resolutions galore, new routines to jump-start and the excitement that comes with chasing new goals. I spent a wonderful month vacationing in Kenya, visiting family, friends and indulging in nature’s goodness. I wanted to refresh my body, mind and soul, and recenter my energies after a hectic 2018. I sun-bathed in Diani, went swimming at midnight, went on a light hike to Naivasha, spent countless afternoons relaxing with Max and Miley (our two dogs) on our verandah, and I enjoyed Nairobi’s warm breeziness in restaurants by afternoon. Life was great.


As I was so focused on indulging myself in self-care, it’s almost like God sent Utama Spice, to add to my relaxing holiday routine. Utama Spice, a Balinese skincare company gifted me some wonderful skincare products, known for their sensational aromas and supple consistencies. I tested out two products: the perfect balance essential oil set and cocoa love body butter. Check out Utama Spice founder Melanie Temper’s story here, and how her battle with skincare issue led her to Balinese traditional remedies, and the birth of Utama Spice.


Perfect balance essential oil set


This set contains five different essential oils, each with a different property that ‘unlocks the body and mind’: (i) Clearing Essential Oil Blend; (ii) Focus Essential Oil Blend; (iii) Pure Energy Essential Oil Blend;(iv) Bliss Essential Oil Blend; and (v) Deep Calming Essential Oil Blend. Since I was on vacation and highly focused on the pursuit of rest & relaxation, I especially liked using the Deep Calming Essential Oil. I would simply warm a drop of oil between two fingers, dabbing it on my temples and the part of the neck right under my jaw bone. The aromatic scent would last throughout the day, somehow differentiable from that of my perfume. The result- a deeply calming relaxation through its natural scent that soothed my senses. A friend of mine even remarked how Zen I looked – I kid you not!


Now that I’m back to work, I start-off my day with Focus Essential Oil Blend and after cleansing my face right before bed, I finish off with a dab of Bliss Essential Oil Blend. Gotta ensure that your dreams are sweet and exciting. You can view this product here.


Cocoa Love Body Butter


This body butter is thick, heavy and great for people with dry skin. My skin isn’t particularly dry, but now that it’s winter time in New York, I need something stronger than the scented baby oil that I usually use to keep my skin glowing. Blended with cocoa butter and vanilla cinnamon infused virgin coconut oil, this all-natural oil is perfect for those of us with sensitive skin. No chemicals or additives, just natural oils that leave your skin moisturized and supple. The only issue that I experienced was that the butter was pretty hard- which goes to show the amount of pure organic cocoa butter used in the product. I’d recommend melting it slightly in a bath of warm water to make the consistency softer and easier to use . That being said, once on your skin, this product has a heavenly sent. You can check out this product here.



Looking forward to writing more self-care posts this year. And thank you Utama Spice for your wonderful products; they made my holiday all the more relaxing.


Thank you

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