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Pampering & skincare routine

Pampering & skincare routine

Hi friends,

One of my goals for 2018 was to prioritize taking care of myself- to make myself feel good about myself. After a long week of work, errands, personal projects and socializing, it's always nice to take time to care for yourself. My favorite time for a pamper session is a Saturday afternoon. This means doing things like sleeping in without the dreaded alarm waking me, exercising when the gym is nice and empty, enjoying a delicious protein smoothie thereafter, and treating myself to a delicious and healthy meals with friends. This also means a skin-care & pampering routine that makes me feel like a goddess. Here are the luxurious products that I indulge in that leave my skin feeling soft, smooth and smelling fantastic:


Body wash and soap

I have extremely sensitive skin so I stick to Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar soap. Its creamy consistency doesn't dry your skin but instead leaves it soft and supple. Once I'm done, I use Bath & Body Works aromatherapy body washes. If there's anything that's sensational and awakens your bodily senses, it's these body washes. Currently, I'm using their Stress Relief - Eucalyptus & Spearmint wash that leaves my skin with the slightest tingling sensation.  I am in love!

Body scrub

Once a week, I use Ritual of Sakura Body Scrub, which takes off dead skin to reveal bright, smooth skin. I cannot explain how wonderful this scrub is. Its small, salty crystals are simultaneously exfoliating and moisturizing to the skin while its light cherry-blossom scent is reminiscent of an outdoor spa somewhere in Japan. Goddess vibes for sure!


Body oil

Lately, I've been  using lighter oils on my skin. Winter is over and the air is getting hot and humid. I'm currently using with Bath & Bodyworks Cocoshea Coconut Moisturizing Oil. This stuff seeps into your skin so wonderfully and leaves you glowing and radiant. On my dryer skin areas (legs, feet and elbows), I go over with some good old-fashioned Vaseline. Gotta seal in that moisture!


Facial routine

At 26 years of age,I have finally nailed a decent facial cleansing and moisturizing routine. I make sure to include my neck in this routine- it is said that the first signs of aging appear on the neck, so ladies, don't forget your neck! My philosophy with skincare- the simpler and milder, the better. That's because even though I have normal skin, it's also extremely sensitive, so harsher products always irritate my skin.



I've been using  Lancôme CRÈME Radiance Clarifying Cream-to-Foam Cleanser for about four years now. This cleanser is so gentle and creamy, you'd think it was a moisturizing lotion! Perfect for sensitive skin.

Toner & essence water


I've lately gotten into Korean beauty and skincare. I noticed that as compared to Western skincare products, these are extremely gentle, light and great for sensitive/ easily irritable skin. Did I mention that they're also cheaper- win-win!! Once I'm done cleansing my skin, I use a cotton sheet to swab over with my Son & Park Beauty Water (toner), which gets rid of excess oils and dirt as well as restores my skin's natural PH balance after cleansing. I then drizzle a few drops of the Cremorlab Essence Tonic on my fingers and pat it over my skin. This is powerful for hydration- my face and neck really drink in the moisture!

Face Masks


I've been using Korean face masks lately. These masks come in a single packet, that contains a sheet in the shape of a face, drenched in oils and serums. I try and use them twice a week- they're moisturizing, cooling, refreshing and have you feeling relaxed and pampered. They take about 20 minutes to dry so definitely do these when you have time to relax with a book or a TV show. Once they dry, you rub the remaining oils into your face (and neck), before moisturizing. They're also relatively inexpensive at about 50 cents (USD) per mask! Here's a link to my favorite brand so far, DERMAL Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask Sheets.



I've been using Lancôme's Bienfait Multi-Vital for about four years now. This product is light yet extremely moisturizing, great for sensitive and normal skin, and most of all it contains SPF 30 protection. I therefore don't have to worry about using sunscreen if I know that I'll be in the sun for long. This product definitely fares on the expensive side, but I only use it during the day. At night, after going through the steps detailed above, I use a light coat of Vaseline as my night cream. Somehow, my skin likes the thicker night-time protection and I wake up with smooth, relatively poreless skin.

I am way too excited here!

I am way too excited here!

So there's my pampering and skincare routine friends! Let me end by saying that I truly believe good skin starts from within- no skincare product is going to fix issues that may be happening internally. Refer to my last blog post On eating for beauty for more of this discussion.


Thank you

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