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Current fitness mindset

Current fitness mindset

Hi my loves!

So lately I've been blogging a lot about self-love/self-care. In fact, I told my friends that I've branded this year "self-love 2018!" So much of how I thought about health and fitness has changed. Recently, I stumbled upon The Gabriel Method,  a health and diet book that uses self-love and self-acceptance principles, as the governing force for making body changes. (I highly recommend this book guys, truly life-changing!) This book has inspired me to confront my previous 'fitness mentality' that was likely sabotaging my gains. 

I'll illustrate this mindset change by juxtaposing Old Shiro 'OS' versus New Shiro 'NS' 's approach to fitness:


OS: If only I could lose 10 pounds! Let me go on a week-long juice fast to hit my goal weight by x date.

NS: Let me pursue health (eat clean, exercise, drink water etc.), and when my body is ready, those changes will manifest in fat loss and muscle gain. I don't care how long this takes and I will be patient with myself.

OS: When I'm thinner, I'll dress better, I'll wear whatever I want and I'll be happier as a human.

NS: All that we have is today. Carpe diem! Let me wear what I want today, let me dress up and get my hair done today. Whatever size I am, I deserve happiness today!

OS: I don't enjoy quinoa, dry chicken breast and broccoli but let me force myself to eat these foods for now and enjoy tastier food tomorrow when I'm thinner.

NS:What I can't sustain in the long-run will only backfire. Let me get leaner eating foods that I enjoy that are prepared in a healthy, clean way.

OS: I hate running but let me force myself to get up early daily, run for an hour because these thighs NEED TO GO!

NS: My body is beautiful and perfect as it is. Let me use exercise to enhance my curves. I love weight training, so let me focus on that. I also enjoy Zumba class and short post-workout runs. I will supplement my weight-training regimen with these forms of cardio so that I can enjoy working out!

OS: If only I were thinner, leaner, more toned, more athletic-looking etc.

NS: I have a great figure, and flawless skin, let me keep taking care of myself and thank God for all my blessings.

OS: I can't have bread,wine,chocolate,fries etc., until I deserve them (Funny how this mindset led to binges when I did get my hands on these 'bad' foods)

NS: I can eat whatever I want, but I mostly crave healthy foods anyway; I look forward to grilled salmon, fruit salads, green juices and sushi so let me enjoy these. When I do have a craving for bread or chocolate, I allow myself to have them because I eat clean most of the time anyway! (Funny how this mindset has made me not care about these 'bad' foods that I used to binge on. Bread almost tastes like cardboard to me now haha!)

OS: When I'm thinner, i will...

NS: I can do whatever/be whoever I want to be today!


As you can see, my pevious approach to fitness was a slight form of self-loathing. I wanted to change myself because I hadn't fully accepted who I was. This strategy didn't work in the past and led to self-sabotaging behaviours like binging on unhealthy foods. My new mindset is so liberating in that it encourages me to love and accept myself now. This has inevitably led to me wanting to eat better and train harder at the gym because I now view taking care of myself as a form of self-love.



Thank you

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