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Fitness for workaholics 1

Fitness for workaholics 1

Do you often put off working out or eating well when life gets too hectic? Do you utter phrases like I'm too tired after work to workout or maybe even my schedule is too busy to fit exercise in? Well congratulations, you are likely a workaholic!

Now, just because you're a workaholic, doesn't mean that you can't pursue fitness. Fitness is something that, if you prioritize, can yield the health benefits to help in your hectic lifestyle. Picture this: reduced stress levels, increased concentration and memory retention, better productivity, heightened energy levels and overall wellness.

For this post, I decided to interview some of my fit friends, who are probably also workaholics. Here's a day in their lives:

Justin Ndichu- (Full-time lawyer, New York City)


7:30am: I wake up and wash up my face.

7:40am: Change into gym clothes and head to the gym

7:45am: Warm up: 6mins mile; 30 mins boxing and 6mins abs workout

8:30am: Jump into the shower and get dressed for work.

9:00am: Eat breakfast. I take a protein shake (Vanilla Whey mixed with semi-skimmed milk); Cheerios cereal and a banana.

9:35am: Head to work.

11:55am: Snack time – Cashew nuts.

12:00 pm: Continue working until lunch time

2:00pm: Lunch. I eat from the salad bar at work:  iceberg lettuce, romaine salad, carrots, pan seared salmon or roast chicken.

4:45pm: Snack time – Quest bar or cliff bar.

6:45pm: Dinner at work – salad bar: iceberg salad, romaine lettuce, broccoli, carrots, roasted salmon or grilled chicken.

(On weekends, I tend to indulge a little bit from all the discipline during the week.)

8:20pm: I leave work and head to the gym for a lifting session. It’s shredding season so I’m doing full body workouts 4 to 5 times a week and cardio/strength endurance on one day. If I’m having a really good week, I’ll do yoga on Sundays (happens once or twice a month).

The routine consists of: 1 mile run warm up, front squats, deadlifts, bench press, clean and press, bicep curls, close-grip bench press. Each exercise will consist of 4 sets and 10 reps. At the close of the workout, I stretch for 10minutes.

10:00pm: Leave the gym and head home.

10:30pm: Arrive home, grab a protein shake and some yoghurt

10:40pm: Shower and then resume working if there are outstanding assignments

12:30am: I head to bed and try and get 7 hours of sleep.

Justin says: "When you consider working out a necessary part of your day, it is not difficult to make time for it.  This statement holds especially true when you work in a corporate environment that takes up a lot of your time.  Even though I work 65 to 80 hours a week, I still make time to work out 5-6 times a week."

 Loise Machira - (Full-time lawyer, part-time blogger Tizi Talks)


6:00am: I wake up and take a few minutes to say a prayer and meditate for about 10 minutes; this helps me stay centered and focus on what’s important. After this, I drink two glasses of water- hydration is everything!  

6:15am: I hop in the shower and take my time to get dressed. I am a huge believer in looking good to feel good; so I don’t rush my morning routine.

6:45am: I prepare breakfast; this could range from oatmeal, muesli, green smoothie, to an egg sandwich. If I know I will be pressed for time the next morning, I prepare overnight oats which I grab to go and eat in the office accompanied with a black coffee. I always make sure to start my morning with a banana or an apple. I like to pack my snacks and lunch for the day while I make breakfast; yes, multi- tasking has become a crucial skill!

7:15am: I grab my gym bag which I packed the night before and head to work while blasting very loud music because music is life!

7:45am: I like to get to the office early because I catch up on my emails, plan my work diary and catch up on the news. I like to stay informed.

8:30am: Depending on the day, I might go to court; otherwise I will be based at the office.

10:00am: I always have a mid-morning snack. This could be fruit and yogurt or a smoothie.

1:00pm: I enjoy my packed lunch which could either be a salad or a sandwich. My lunch tends to be light because I have been sitting at my desk all day.

4:00pm: I always have my green tea accompanied a handful of nuts or a granola bar.

5:30- 6:00pm: I make sure to grab a fruit, have a glass of cold water and head to the gym.

6:30- 8:00pm: Depending on the day of the week, I try to put in 1 hour or 1 hour and 30mins at the gym. I always warm up for 15 minutes before my workout by either cycling, using the cross trainer, or getting my heart rate up on the rowing machine. I also enjoy skipping rope for about 100-150/200 jumps. Mondays tend to be the longest because its leg day; Tuesday is chest and biceps; Wednesdays back and triceps; Thursday is Crossfit (full body conditioning); and Friday I will do a HIIT circuit class or kick boxing. After each workout, I finish with an abs circuit blast and cycle again at my highest intensity for 5mins; this is followed by a deep stretching session. During the weekends I enjoy doing activities outside my gym because it keeps my routine interesting. This could be going for a spin class, a bootcamp, or a yoga class at a different gym. I like to take it easy on Sundays.

8:45pm: I get home satisfied and famished ready to devour dinner. I could either have mashed arrowroots with chicken breast stew, brown rice with spicy beans, pasta with fish or pumpkin with lentils. (It really depends on the shopping I did during the weekend). I always makes sure that my dinner has complex carbohydrates, protein and vegetables.

9:00:pm: I watch the news as I check my social media and follow up on my blog emails and social media.

9:30pm: I love to have herbal tea 30 minutes after dinner- this could either be green tea, chamomile, peppermint, or raspberry. I have my tea at my desk while working on my blog and updating the website.

10:00pm: I plan my diary, research on content for my blog and thereafter, I will switch off the rest of the world and have some ‘me time’. This could either be catching up on a TV show, or reading a book (I am currently enjoying “Losing my Virginity” by Richard Branson”).

11:00pm: I pack my gym bag for the next day, say a prayer and head to bed.

For those interested: Loise runs a vibrant fitness and wellness blog, Tizi Talks. Check it out here!


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Fitness for workaholics 2

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