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Fitness for workaholics 2

Fitness for workaholics 2

(Continuation from Fitness for Workaholics 1 which you can read here.) I interviewed some fit friends, who each lead hectic yet healthful lifestyles. From their various approaches to fitness, we may all be inspired to incorporate healthy living into our busy lives. Here's a day in their lives:

Colleen Chikune- (Wife, mother, full-time medical student & part-time artist)


5:00 am: I wake up and lie back down for about thirty minutes thinking about how the hell I will manage the day and say a prayer of thanks and for guidance. Coffee? Only if I anticipate a bad morning from a very stressful rotation at my training hospital.

6:00 am: I hop into the shower, get dressed and put on my sexy lab coat over my gym clothes (my safest fashion choice lol). I don’t have much time for makeup, but I would have to apply some if I have a radio interview scheduled for that day.

6:30 am: Get my son ready for daycare and nag my husband about where we misplaced his milk bottle.

6:45am: Drop my son off at daycare and grab an egg salad and lettuce sandwich for breakfast, on my way to the hospital

7: 30 am: I arrive at the hospital, get grilled in the doctor’s conference meeting, come out feeling slightly irritable and stupid, reminding myself I only have only have two more years of this sh*t!

12:30am: I run off to a radio interview or have lunch. To be honest its quite tough to manage a healthy lunch but if I manage, I usually settle for a chicken salad but on leg day I have a high protein meal such as chicken breast, with one serving of rice or more recently just a bowl of chicken soup or lentil soup (very high in protein).

1:15pm: Head off to the gym, leg day!!  I start with a 10-minute jog or incline walk using a resistance band. Then I progress to squats with 2 sets of 20 using a 20 kg squat bar. Then 4 sets of 12 reps with the weight increased to 40 kg, alternating with deadlifts where I do 4 sets of 12, using 28 kg. I then do 4 sets of 10kg cable kickbacks and finish off with 3 sets of 15 kg weighted squat jumps for 10 reps.

2:30pm: I head back to campus, legs feeling like noodles. I have some fruit juice to get my glucose levels up. Then I attend a two-hour lecture so I can fulfill my required 80% lecture attendance, which I find absolutely absurd.  I sit there watching this lecturer read directly off his lecture presentation, something I could do in my own time. He ends up sending the whole period dedicated to the class!

4:45pm: Pick my son up at day care, head home if I don’t have some other unexpected lecture.

5:00pm: Put on the television play ‘Coco’ for my son (he loooovvvveeees that movie, honestly it can keep him busy for an hour!), then homework, assignments or self-study. I run back and forth to my son if he wants his bottle or just wants attention.

6:00pm: Prepare the ingredients for tonight’s dinner. Hubby is the chef- he loves to cook, says it’s therapeutic (I actually think he loves it when people compliment his cooking, some ego fix I think lol), unless its chicken curry night which I like to cook. I sneak in a banana or two while in the kitchen.

7:30pm: hubby comes home and cooks, while I give my son a bath. I dress him, place him in the sitting room to watch coco again and dodge him so that I can sneak in a shit and a shower (that little boy always has to follow me to the bathroom)! Honestly, what the hell is so nice about watching mommy sit on the loo?

8pm: Din Din! Cottage pie!! Jonothan (my son) and I love it! And I love watching my hubby get his fix for the day lmao!

8:45pm: Clean up and dishes

9:00pm: Fail miserably, at getting this toddler to fall asleep, I give up and just hand the job over to the hubby!! Honestly as I am writing this it's 10:19pm and the little bugger is still awake, nagging for some attention!

9:45pm: Vocal warm up, I have to rehearse a new F@?£$ up cover every two weeks or rehearse my songs to keep my voice well-tuned for upcoming performances, otherwise my management team has some tantrum about lack of commitment and sh*t!

10:30 pm: I lie down or if hubby is still awake with that grin of expectations….wifely duties are fulfilled lol. Then hubby passes out, while a lie awake thinking how the hell I will manage the next day. I say a prayer of thanks, forgiveness and guidance and I finally dose off with the help of my prayers.

For those interested: Follow Colleen on instagram @chikune, for updates on her music and upcoming album releases.


Isaac Hunja- (Full-time CMO, part-time bogger Strength Kenya)


5:00am: Alarm rings and I peel myself out of bed.

5:05am: Put the kettle on.

5:07am: Gulp down black sugarless coffee, and a banana.

5:25am: I pack my gym bag with the day’s clothes. I always forget something though. It’s always the belt. That damn belt.

5:45am: Arrive at Alphafit. Read the WOD (workout of the day) board and discuss how hard it’s going to be with fellow CrossFitters.

5:55am: Warm up and stretch. By this point everyone’s aware of the WOD, and everyone’s really quiet. The calm before the storm.

6:00am: Grab the closest barbell/dumbbell/kettlebell/rope/skipping rope and begin 60mins of high intensity.

6:15am: Try not to die.

6:25am: Proceed with trying not to die.

7:00am: Finish the workout strong, do a quick ab finisher, stretch and hi5 everyone for a job well done.

7:05am: Jump into the shower and prepare to leave for the office.

7:30am: Meeting #1 over breakfast – standard post-workout BF: 3 eggs and 1 cup of oats.

8:00am: Plan my day’s most important tasks and reply email backlog.

9:00am: Meeting #2, meet with the Sky.Garden team to align on day’s/week’s objectives.

10:30am: Eat an apple to keep hunger at bay.

12:30pm: The apple didn’t help so I just have my lunch early – chicken breast stir fry, broccoli, white rice.

12:45pm: Back to work with a cup of coffee.

4:30pm: Someone at work unleashes cupcakes and my entire being can’t concentrate until I have one. So, I do. I have a cupcake.

5:30pm: Home time!

6:30pm: Serve dinner from chicken breast stir fry/broccoli/white rice leftovers. I usually cook enough for 2 or 3 days.

7:00pm: Watch a documentary as I finish up on day’s tasks.

7:50pm: Fall asleep on the couch.

8:30pm: Wake up confused. Turn off the TV. Go to bed.

For those interested: Isaac runs a vibrant  fitness blog and community called Strength Kenya. He organizes weekly Saturday runs at the Nairobi arboretum too! Check them out on ig @strengthkenya.


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Fitness for workaholics 1

Fitness for workaholics 1

What's in my gym bag?

What's in my gym bag?