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What's in my gym bag?

What's in my gym bag?

Hey guys!

I've seen this post done multiple times on YouTube by fitness influencers worldwide. So, I figured, why not do a post, where I show you the contents of my gym bag? Several of you may just be starting out going to the gym, and are not quite sure what to pack into your gym bag. Trust me ladies, you don't want to forget your intimate products while heading to the gym first thing before work! You also don't want to show up at the gym missing a pair of gym socks or your sports bra- gosh!!


Scenario A: Gym in the AM

This is for the scenario where I get to the gym first thing in the morning. I wake up, wash my face, brush my teeth, hop into my gym clothes and leave home. I'm probably not returning home and am going straight to work after the gym. Here's what I pack:

1. A Gym bag- Small to large depending on your preference. Check out Amazon for affordable yet cool options! My last one cost $12! The one pictured here is a freebie from my workplace because promoting company swag is important to them. I guess corporate America is not so cheap (yay for me!)

2. Water bottle/shaker bottle

3. Extra bra and panties (DO NOT FORGET THESE!!)


4. Work outfit & shoes - It's easiest to pack a dress just because the outfit is already complete. In the winter, I add in a pair of tights.

5. Cosmetics- Lotion, deodorant, vaseline, perfume and feminine hygiene products. I have an extra travel-sized set that I like to carry with me to the gym. These remain permanently in my gym bag so no matter what, I can always freshen-up post gym if I need to. You can get affordable travel-sized cosmetics at the dollar store.

6.Skincare products-  Face wash, serum and face cream. My usual skincare regimen is much more elaborate than this (I use, toner, essence and sometimes face masks), but on the occasion that I go to the gym before work, I stick to these simple products. I also carry cotton buds.

7. Make-up bag- I usually have eyeliner, brow pencil, concealer, lip pencil and lip balm/lip gloss. I generally don't wear much makeup aside from these items on a daily basis.


8. Flip Flops/slippers & towel- You'll need these for the sauna/steam room and for the public showers. Personal hygiene should always be a priority! Also carry a towel if the gym that you go to doesn't give fresh towels.

9. Prepped lunch- I usually meal prep on Sundays. (Refer to my Meal prep 101 blog post here). I pick my prepped meal, wrap it in a ziplock bag, and place it in my gym bag as I head out of the door.

10. Post-workout meal- I'm usually starving after my morning workout because it's done fasted (I'm not able to eat at  5:30/6am when I'm leaving home).  After I've used the gym and the sauna for about 10 minutes post-workout, I quickly get dressed then I prepare my meal. In two separate ziplock bags, I pack whey protein powder and the steel-cut oats. Sometimes I mix the two  with water as a post-workout shake using my shaker bottle. Other times I head over to work where I heat up my oats and have a protein shake on the side, with some coffee. Yum!

Scenario B: Gym in the PM


This is the scenario where I'm going to the gym after work. Here's what I have in my gym bag:

1. Gym outfit- My personal favorite outfit is a tight gym tank with a built-in sports bra and some leggings. If I do however wear a long-sleeved shirt or a t-shirt, I always remember to carry a sports bra. If I'm lifting that day, I carry my gym gloves with me (no blisters for me!)

2.Gym shoes and socks- Guys, do not forget your gym socks. You'll be surprised how many times this has happened to me- most uncomfortable workout session- eeww!


3. Sugar-free gum - I don't know why but sometimes I crave sugar pre-gym. Sugar-free gym always has a way of making me feel like I'm getting a sugar-rush pre workout. It's one of those psychological things that's so strange!

4. Quest bars - Quest bars are one of the few protein bars on the market that are sugar-free and have a very low net-carb count. I don't really like the taste of sugar alcohols (a plant-based sugar substitute) and to be honest, I do prefer to eat real food. However, if I need some quick energy pre-workout- these bars do the job! Try out their cinnamon roll or double chocolate chip flavored ones.


5. B-Force bands - I carry my booty bands with me to do my pre-workout glute activation. I also carry my longer band to assist me with pull-ups on back day.

6. Cosmetics- Travel-size face wash, lotion, deodorant, vaseline and feminine hygiene products. These come in handy if I have a dinner planned after work. I usually quickly get in my workout, shower, then head to my dinner. It always makes me feel like I've earned my dinner!

7. Extra bra and panties- Always have these in your gym bag ladies, you just never know when you'll need them!

8. Water bottle/shaker bottle

9. Hair tie/ hair pins- I usually have my hair down for work but prefer to tie it while working out. I try and make sure that I always have some extra hair accessories in my gym bag.



Thank you

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