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I hate running... but I need to

I hate running... but I need to

My fitness coach recently asked me to start running. Apparently, nothing leans out thick thighs like running. If you're like me and you hate running, this post is dedicated to you. I know your pain. I know the struggle. I know the misery.


Waringa, a close friend who enjoys running, gave me some advice: Just let your mind wander, have fun with it and just let go.

Woman, how do I let go when I'm hyperventilating, my legs are shaking, I'm sweating like a pig and my entire body is screaming STOP! 

Yes, I know that running is good for my cardiovascular health and blood circulation etcetera, etcetera, but my body doesn't buy those reasons. Apparently, I only respond to superficial reasoning. So I created a list of 'lies' to convince my body to take to running. Permission granted to steal these:


1. You will be a lean mean running machine.

I visualize a lean, curvy and beautiful body the entire time that I'm running. Guys, I even have pictures of my favorite fitness models, such as Lais Deleon, as visual back-up. Shiro, you see how svelte she is? You too can get there- just keep running!

2. You are drinking from the fountain of youth

I don't know where this one came from, but I have it in my head that the combination of running plus drinking lots of water will keep me looking youthful and fresh. You see Shiro, you look like a 20 year old, that's why you keep getting asked for your ID and hit on by kids in college. It’s because you run!

3. Your abs are actually coming through

I didn't know how much ab engagement there was while running. To maintain good posture, you have to engage your core (suck in the stomach and keep everything tight). Do you see how hard you're sucking in your abs, no wonder your waist is now 25 inches! You can probably get it down to 20 inches! So run woman, run!


4. Your thighs are finally disappearing! Go Shiro!

This one isn't a lie guys. I have been losing inches off my hips and thighs, and it only started happening when I began running. The rest of my body was leaning out from clean eating, but my stubborn thighs needed more 'inspiration'. I have been inspiring them with my runs.

5. Your skin is glowing

I don't know how true this is, but people are convinced that sweating unblocks pores and reveals clear, glowy skin. Shiro, look at that caramel skin, it's so silky and smooth. You're making it even better by running. Run faster and sweat more. Porcelain skin. Pure, clear, smooth skin. Run, Shiro, RUN!


6. You can watch the sun rise

There's something glorious about watching the sun rise. Currently, the sun rises in New York City at 6:30am- not bad at all. I've been enjoying getting up at dawn, immediately wearing my workout clothes (laid out by my bed the night before to avoid snoozing excuses), and catching the sun rise - a sunrise run. It's pretty nice to be up when the world is still quiet and to take in the first rays of the day. Somehow, the New York air seems fresher and cleaner at this time of day; It's a great time to appreciate nature's beauty.


7. Beyonce runs 6 miles daily

I read somewhere that Beyonce runs six miles every day. If there's someone with curvy genetics who has managed to get their thigh situation under control, it's Beyonce.  I downloaded the app Strava, to keep log of my running distances as I'm pretty goal oriented. Currently, my sunrise runs are about 2.5-3 miles. Eventually I'll hit that 6-mile target.

My current  2.5 mile route logged through Strava

My current  2.5 mile route logged through Strava

8. If you run in the morning, you can enjoy weight training later

I really enjoy weight training, but I dread it if I have to run for 30 minutes after. I tell myself that if I get up for my run in the morning, after work, I can have an enjoyable run-free weight training session and maybe even grab dinner with a friend!


9. You earned your breakfast girl!

I prefer to do my morning run fasted. After my run and I'm all nice and showered,  I look forward to a steaming pot of oats, some eggs, fresh berries and a hot pot of coffee. I feel so accomplished before I head off to work!


10. Seriously though, look how young and lean you look

This is probably the one that I reiterate in my mind because nothing motivates me more than visual results. You are manifesting youth through your running! Everything is nice and tight, pores are open, skin is clear, you are winning, Shiro, go Shiro!  

And somehow, I keep running.


Thank you

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